Wire processing

The choice of quality materials

The requirement of high quality raw materials and regular controls are the guarantee of the longevity of the wire parts we produce.
+ More than 200 references of wires on stock 

Clear steel wire, Galvanized steel wire, Spring steel wire, Copper-plated steel wire 
302 stainless steel wire, 304 stainless steel wire, 316L stainless steel wire
Aluminium wire, Copper wire, Silver wire 
Nickel wire ...
SCDC has a stock of materials at your disposal in order to facilitate a quick and efficient response to your requests for creation and production of metal wire parts.

​Protection of the wire

We are vigilant to the conservation and protection of our wire stock where each reel is individually protected by a plastic film. 

For wires sensitive to humidity variations, a part of our warehouse is equipped with a hygrometry regulator, to monitor and regulate continuously the humidity rate of the air thus perpetuating the quality of our wire stock.