Wire pieces

Our achievements

Thanks to its know-how, SCDC is equipped with powerful machines allowing it to carry out a wide range of reworkings in order to propose to its customers finished parts of high quality:

  • Crushing: Total or partial crushing of your wire parts
  • Drilling : Adding a hole through your wire part, either totally or partially
  • Chamfering : Creation of metal parts with flat surfaces after the removal of an edge
  • Tapping : Operation consisting in machining a thread inside a hole
  • Threading / Tapping : Execution of your helical grooves and in all your threads and tappings,

  • TIG-MIG welding
  • Assembly of welds on your wire parts
  • Polishing on metal surfaces,
  • Passivation of your wire parts to slow down the corrosion effect.

SCDC works with specialized partners.partners who using their know-how for the finishing.

  • Painting
  • Chrome plating
  • Plastification
  • Zinc plating

The coding of metal parts is essential for the traceability of your products and the follow-up of the quality.

We carry out the coding in-house thanks to our part printing system. This technique allows us to print on curved surfaces (metal wire), a precise, long term and robust coding solution.