With a fleet of more than 20 wire-bending machines and many others for rework operations.

NUMALLIANCE 3D numerical control machines

  • WAFIOS 3D numerical control machines, including 1 double head machine
  • Slide machines for large series
  • Presses from 1 to 100 tons, horizontal or vertical
  • Drilling and threading bench
  • TIG, MIG and resistance welding equipment

​Mechanical workshop

To ensure the greatest reactivity, SCDC has chosen autonomy and integrates the design, the realization and the maintenance of the bending tools for its machines.
A mechanical workshop is dedicated to the realization of machining and the adjustment of the tools used on our numerical machines or slides.


Our machinery allows us to produce smooth, notched or twisted nails and studs.

Our ringing machine and rolling mill allow us to produce in-house notched or twisted wire before forming it on our 2 nailing machines for the realization of our spikes and studs.